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History of our Association

The Citrus Springs Civic Association organized by the early settlers and was the catalyst for most activities within the community.

The purpose of the organization at that time was not much different than it is today:  

On November 8, 1995 enforcement of the Deed Restrictions was officially assigned to the the Citrus Springs Civic Association.  The Association now has an Architectural Design Committee and all builders/homeowners must file an Application and receive approval BEFORE any proposed Construction, Addition or exterior Modification (new home, pool, enclosure, garage, addition, extension, fence, or shed) is done on the property. The Association has successfully brought suit, when necessary, to enforce the restrictions.

From the archives in the 1980ís there was full expectation that the Deltona Corporation (the developer) would at some time deed the community center over to the residents for $1.00. Looking forward to that time, the Association members began raising funds to be used to maintain the building at such time as it became the Association's responsibility. The building was never been given over to the community. Even back then there was a problem with maintaining the building with air conditioning and heating going out and insufficient lighting. Since Deltona owned the building they bore the brunt of most large expenditures. Later, the Association was informed by the subsequent owner of the Deltona properties that there were no plans to turn the building over to the residents. The Association and the community voted for the formation of a MSBU here in Citrus Springs. In essence, we agreed to tax ourselves an additional $20 a year on vacant land and $25 on improved land. The County collects this money in with regular real estate taxes, retains 5% for administration costs and 95% of it goes directly back into the community.  With funds raised through the MSBU, groundbreaking for a new two million dollar community center took place in June 2001. 

In 1985 membership was at 668. The membership was kept interested with monthly dances, a beauty contest, a festival at Wesley Jones Park and other activities.

The Civic Association was a driving force in obtaining a volunteer fire department in Citrus Springs. 

There was a group known as the Citrus Springs Players that performed plays in the recreation hall. There used to be an active Lions Club.  There are efforts to revive that service group in Citrus Springs. The Optomists are also interested. Today, there are many active clubs and groups in the community.

In 2000 the membership reached 800 and growing.  The Association is active in many areas and has provided entertainment and enlightenment to all members who attend meetings.

The popular Citrus Springs Day was revived and has been a great success. Also, an annual Easter Egg Hunt is conducted for the children of the community. The annual Christmas Parade is always eagerly awaited. May 2002 saw children of all ages, along with their parents and grandparents, have a ball at the first Family Fun Day organized by our Youth Activities Committee. The Youth Activities Committee now organizes several events each year and since 2009 has hosted its Annual Halloween Party for the children.

The Civic Association is responsible for the maintenance of the recycling center in Citrus Springs.  Volunteers have taken on the task of monitoring the site one day per week per volunteer.  The system has worked well.  All proceeds from sale of recyclables are paid to the Civic Association and Citrus County assumes all costs.  We have been richly rewarded for our efforts and have been able to contribute funds to the library, the volunteer fire department and three area schools. In also enabled us to fund a newsletter again and mail it to each home until the rising postal costs. We would like to make an online newsletter and urge clubs in Citrus Springs to submit their news to this website.

Activities are already underway for the future, including the annual Holiday Parade, next yearís Easter Egg Hunt, Citrus Springs Family Fun Day and other activities. Volunteers are always welcome and needed. 

2003 - Back row: President Bruce Johnson, Vice-President Stanley Kaminski, Jim Stepanek
Front row: Director Lou Anderson, Director June Austin, Treasurer Lydia LePinnet,
Director Jerry Flanders, Director Bill Carden. Not pictured: Director Frank Serrano

Past Officers

Officers for 2014:

Eleanor Fowler
Vice-President; Janet Herrmann
Treasurer; Patty Hipner
Deed Restrictions; Paul Noblitt
Membership; Jennie Parks
Communication Liaison; Carlos Solorzano
Recording Secretary; Arlene Smith

Sergeant at Arms, Jim Bruggeman


Officers for 2004:

President, Bruce Johnson
Vice-President, Diane Pifer
Secretary, Charles R. Tepe
Treasurer, Lydia LePinnet
Architectural Review: Bill Carden
Directors, Lou Anderson
                June Austin
                Robert Hill
                Jerry Flanders
                Frank Serrano

Officers for 2003:

President, Bruce Johnson
Vice-President, Stanley Kaminski
Secretary, Jim Stepanek
Treasurer, Lydia LePinnet
Directors, Lou Anderson
                June Austin
                Bill Carden
                Jerry Flanders
                Frank Serrano
Membership, Diane Pifer

Officers for 2002:

President: Rich Starr
Vice President: Diane Pifer 
Treasurer: Lydia Lepinnet
Secretary: Alice Boomershine
Acting Secretary: Nancy Gordon 
Board members:
  Barbara Schmidt
  Hector Guillen
  Bob Johnson
  Bill Carden
  Hal Steiner

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